[MOD][EC01/ED01][4/25] Sbrissen Mods / TSM Parts 1.0

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    Al credit goes to sbrissen over at XDA..go thank him if you like his work....

    Original Link:
    [MOD][EC01/ED01][4/25] Sbrissen Mods / TSM Parts 1.0 - xda-developers

    [MOD][EC01/ED01][4/25] Sbrissen Mods / TSM Parts 1.0

    Whats included: No Full Batt popup, Reboot options, Clock Options, Acc Batt., 6 Lockscreens, Music controls, AOSP Phone answer,... Basically everything I released for EB01. As always this is NOT themed except for the battery.

    Files affected: Services.jar, Framework.jar, Framework-res.apk, Settings.apk, TSMParts.apk, Android.policy.jar, Phone.apk

    NOTE: These are based off of EC01 but are confirmed working on ED01, if you find otherwise please let me know

    Standard Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for bad things that might happen.
    -Update[4/25] **Everything except charging icon is in community rom** - You will lose parts of the Comm. Theme if you flash this
    --New TSM Parts app in Settings (lockscreen app is obsolete, please remove)
    --Lockscreen settings
    --Status Bar settings (be patient these are delayed)
    --Dial Codes Hidden Menu (BE VERY CAREFUL CHANGING THESE)
    -I'm testing a new charging icon for those who want just batt percent, I will add an option to hide this very soon.
    -Moved to edify only
    -Stay tuned for future updates :)
    -added edify script versions
    --Fixed rotary silence
    --Fixed bugs with music controls in AOSP and Rotary lockscreens

    ***Edify Script - CMW 3.X.X.X ***
    Acc Battery: http://www.mediafire.com/?8e4l1343htixrsk (updated: 4/25)
    Stock Battery: http://www.mediafire.com/?8isqw71ig4u3sjf (updated: 4/25)

    AOSP Answer Phone.apk: http://www.mediafire.com/?j8cj6qkjgbbgqgg
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