MOD Battery Percentage In Status Bar On Nexus 6 and Nexus 9

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    Samsung and HTC have both added the option to add battery percentage to the status bar in the "display settings". Its great to see OEMs adding features that previously were only available to rooted users. I would have loved to have seen this option available in stock Lollipop for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, but its not there. You can pull down the settings panel with two fingers to display the battery percentage, but its not readily available in the status bar. You can easily add battery percentage to the status bar with the "Battery Percentage" app.

    Apps like this have been around for a while. The only difference here is with Lollipop you are able to see the percentage read out no matter what the battery fill level is since the text color changes depending on the battery level. In KitKat you could only see the battery read out if the battery was less than 75% full since the battery text is always white. This works with or without root. If you are rooted the feature is applied instantly after granting root access. If not rooted the change takes effect after rebooting. Grab the app from the link below.

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