MMS Virus? Should I worry?

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    Please read email from my GF regarding text message she received from my number that I definitely did not send. Anybody else receive or supposedly send a MMS like this? This was a MMS btw and not just a text message. She had to hit download to open it...she only did it because it showed on her end that the MMS was from me.


    The original message was deleted on its own..
    (cant recall exact verbiage cause it was long)
    Last semester was a trying time for me, probably one of the most difficult ones I faced since I was dealing with my dad's depression. I fought like a lion to help him and didn't share this with you. But although you didn't know, you helped me along the way to somehow still find ...JOY! So although you didn't know, thank you for helping me.

    Found this weird..
    After I talked to you...I went back to my text messages..and right before I was going to delete I noticed the message that I got yesterday the one I told you about changed to show the pic of your painting. The date stamp was the same.. but not the time. It had changed from 6:30 to 11:19p.

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