MMS Messages Disappear Without Downloading

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    I've had my Samsung Fascinate for a while now but I've never had this happen before. My 3G and auto retrieve are on but picture messages appear with the download option like they do when they're not. When I hit the download button the message disappears and I receive a message notification. There's no picture and no option to download anything anymore, the whole message is gone.
    EDIT: Initially I thought it was just picture messages, but I have since discovered my phone is having issues with text messages as well. When I receive a text message I get the notification and can read the preview in the top bar, but the message does not appear in the thread. I managed to send at least one message, but when I try to they do not appear in the thread either. I tried turning the phone on and off, removing the battery and removing and reinserting the SD card but nothing has worked. What can I do to fix this and retrieve the lost messages?
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