Mediashare, DNLA and HDMI?

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    Mediashare, DLNA, HDMI, etc. questions?

    I'm confused with this MEDIA SHARE and DLNA.

    Here are some the things Media Share says it does...
    -It says play a video from your phone your TV?
    -Copy a picture from one phone onto another
    -Transfer music onto your phone

    What do I need for all this to work? I thought I only needed a HDMI cable and a TV w/ HDMI output? I thought I just plug my HDMI cable from my phone into my TV and I can play music, movies and pictures from my DX?

    Someone please explain all about Media Share and DNLA, how to make your PC DLNA compatible, etc.

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    I just plug in my micro HDMI and I get a screen on my phone where I can scroll through pictures or downloaded movies.
    I think DLNA is for wireless transfer but I might be wrong... I never use it as I have the wire already. Maybe someone else can add something more useful.
  3. procrastination

    Nov 11, 2010
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    Google it. There are lots of tutorials online.

    There are too many individual variables your PC might have to give you a straight answer.

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