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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by cheezbal, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Okay, so I've never been on a forum before but i need help

    I just got a Droid A855 (yes, the very first droid) from a cell phone repair shop and thought it might be a good choice for my first smartphone. At first it worked perfectly, but when i tried to download an app from the market, the app showed that it was about to download, but stayed stuck on the part that says "starting download". is there any obvious reason that it might be doing this?

    Here's a little more info about it:
    I'm using either LauncherPro v8.6 or something called ADWlauncher. they came on the phone and all i know is that they look different on the homescreen and app drawer.
    when I line up a bunch of apps in the market to download, then do a factory reset, the apps will (usually) download, but after that first time, new apps wont download.
    I think it is a rooted phone but im not sure. It came with an app called superuser, and one called Titanium Backup, but I'm not sure how either of these work.
    One more thing that I'm not sure is relevant, but a verizon worker told me that the phone was strange because the default theme color was blue, and she had never seen it like that before.

    Please help, this phone is stating to really make me mad.