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    Hey all, I'm looking for a new task/to-do app and can't find one that seems to meet my needs. I'm hoping someone here might be able to direct me. The app I'm looking for will be able to do/have the following:

    * an alarm that actually pops up on the screen (not just a notification in my notification bar), and preferably can be snoozed for an amount of time I set right then (though a predetermined snooze amount is not necessary), with the ability to only have the alarm scheduled for some tasks but not others
    * 2x2 widget that shows items due today or past due, and preferably can include some lists while excluding others
    * lots of flexibility in scheduling repeating tasks, such as every Monday, once every months, every 2 months on the 15th, etc.
    * Repeating tasks that can be scheduled to repeat by due date (so, repeats every Monday regardless of when I mark it as done) or by completion date (so, if it's schedule to repeat on the 15th but I mark it done the 18th, that task won't show up until the next month on the 18th) -- I need both options, as I have different types of repeating tasks
    * ideally the ability to change default settings on tasks, so if I will be entering a bunch that will have similar settings (repeating, alarms, lists, etc.) I don't have to change each setting every task
    * tasks either backed up with an account or synced with an email address, so if I need to uninstall the app or get a new phone I don't lose all the tasks I've entered
    * prefer a view page that shows all items from all lists that are currently or past due without showing items that are due in the future from any list

    I've tried about 15 different To-Do apps and can't seem to find one that does everything I need. I'm tempted to buy the key for GTasks to get the premium features, but I can't find details on all the features this actually adds so I'm not sure if it will be what I need after I've paid for it. I don't like that the widget shows future dates without showing that they aren't due yet--I'd like to be able to have a blank widget if I complete the day's tasks. Does anyone out there have a To-Do app that does all this? I'm willing to pay for a quality app but I want to make sure it will do what I need it to do before paying.

    Apps I've tried: Astrid, Prodo, Todoist, Task List - To Do List, Task List, Any.DO, Tasks Free, ToDo List Task Manager, Wunderlist, Tasks N Todos, and some more whose names I can't remember.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Welcome to the forum Parndas

    I do think you may be asking for more than any available app can currently provide. There is an app, not listed as a ToDo app, that may do most of what you need, (Pocket Informant). You may need to narrow your want list a little and pick the top 3-4 most important items. Or, you may need more than one app to get it done.
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