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    Not sure if I am too late but DO NOT update your Locale. If you do it wiill cease to work. I emailed developer regarding this and received this response:

    NOTE: There are several compatibility issues with the Droid. I'm investigating and will update you once they are addressed.



    Thanks for your interest in Locale and taking the time to write. Although I read every email, there's one of me and a few hundred thousand of you, which necessitates an auto-reply.

    All feature requests should be directed to our feedback website here: <http://feedback.twofortyfouram.com>. You can vote on requests that others have made, as well as add your own!

    For other questions, please first read the FAQ on our website <Locale - Support>. Help is also available under the Menu within every screen in Locale.

    If those haven't addressed your question, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks and have a great day!