LinkUp GPS Save-Share-Nav = a simple navigate to me application!

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    Needing to let someone know how to locate you?

    LinkUp creates device specific links (IPhone and Android) or a standard Google Map link for desktop computer users to allow people you choose to find and navigate to you.

    LinkUp pulls your GPS co-ordinates, formulates the link, and sends it via text message or email!

    Are you tailgating, camping, fishing, hunting, bar-hopping, hosting a party, geocaching, going on a date or just have a flat tire?

    Let your friends and family get directly to you even if you're absolutely terrible with directions.

    If your friends have Android or IPhones, LinkUp provides device specific links that will allow them to navigate directly to you with with one click from their phone!

    Linkup also saves positions you've marked previously.

    With the Google Maps and gps functionality integrated right in, you can resend these later or navigate back with the built in in-line compass navigation. A great feature for hikers, campers or remembering which side of the stadium your car is located.

    You can grab the app from the market for .99 cents.

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