Jolla Sailfish A New Mobile OS That May Be Headed To A Phone Near You?!

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    Jolla Sailfish was spotted running on a Nokia N950 at Mobile World Congress. The Chief Engineer of Jolla "Marko Saukko" gives a demonstration in the video above. The OS is based on MeeGo which was the OS created by Nokia that was quickly ditched in favor of Windows Phone. The Jolla team is partly comprised of ex Nokia members. The Sailfish OS uses gestures heavily like another OS newcomer that we have seen lately, Ubuntu touch. Gestures swiping from left to right will replace the traditional back button to move through recent apps and pages, and you can select critical info like battery and status with the use of the unique pulley menu system. The Sailfish OS utilizes an ambience feature that changes the color of the theme to match the selected background.

    The OS is said to be scheduled for release in the Second half of 2013. They have already made their SDK available so developers can get started. This all looks nice but it will be interesting to see if these me2 Operating Systems can catch any ground in a market dominated by Android and Apple.

    Via TheVerge, Engadget
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