Is there a way to see what is running in the background w/o adding an App?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by King Bengals, Apr 13, 2017.

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    I have a Moto Z Force running recent Android 7.0. I bought the phone in Dec. 2016 so I’ve had it a couple months. It seems like now I’m not getting the same incredible battery life I used to get. I’m wondering if I have a bunch of apps running in the background & how I can stop them? I’ve turned the phone off several time & it doesn’t seem to help. I think there are apps & services that are triggered to act from the background without my control. For instance.
    -When I go on walks the Map App gives me traffic details on my home screen. I’m not driving.
    -Pandora & iHeart pops up on home screen with suggestion & info randomly even when long since closed.
    -It shows me all the apps that were recently updated.
    -When I walk by a restaurant or in CVS it sends me info.

    There are a lot of other instances that are similar to the above. It makes me think there is some location & add driven services running in the background.

    -I do run Google Fit 24/7 in background as it tracks my steps, maps my walks & other data. Plus it links to my FitBit. But I don’t think it should take up too much battery life.

    I’ve google the subject of “finding & stopping apps running in the background” but they all recommend a 3rd party app to do it. There are a crap ton on apps available but I’m hoping to find a solution that doesn’t require adding another app. If an App is the best direction to go which one would you all recommend?

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    Go into the apps that are giving you pop ups and turn off notifications. That'll stop those from running and sniffing your location. Speaking of location, make sure they're all on low. I don't remember off the top of my head but it's a permission in your main location setting.