IP Webcams viewers: no connections

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    For a long time I used a tablet then a spare android phone as a dedicated viewer for my IP security camera.

    A few days ago after a power outage that also caused broadband to go out I can no not view cameras on any of my android devices.

    I am not sure this is actually android's fault but I have to start somewhere.

    I have tried several devices and several IP Viewer apps to no avail. All tell me cannot connect to the camera.

    The camera is working fine as I can view in web browser on desktop and it is recording in iSpy on a second desktop. All are ethernet connected.

    The camera is hard wired via Ethernet to switch which is plugged into gateway. Always worked fine, nothing changed in that configuration.

    I cannot view over WiFi on android in web browser either even though I can view my gateway login via IP so I know Andriod can see over network via IP...except to the camera.

    Any though on this most appreciated
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    Don't rely on me for any real help, but my first thought is that your modem's public facing IP address probably changed when the power cycled.

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