Hyperdrive Rom For The Note Edge!

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    When the Note Edge first arrived it seemed super gimmicky, and it wasn't adopted at the rate that Samsung had probably hoped it would be. Now that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and The Galaxy S6 Edge are in the hands of the public and consumers have seen how great the edge display really can be the Note Edge is making a bit of a come back as a cheaper alternative to the other Edge devices.

    One of my favorite Rom developers "Sbreen94" has finally been able to get his hands on a Note Edge. He recently released Hyperdrive For the Note Edge. This rom is basically an optimized version of Touchwiz with lots of customization. It is also worth mentioning that the StageFright bug has been patched here. The Touchwiz launcher has been "hacked" for speed and you can add up to 9 homescreens. There are way to many features to list here. Grab the Rom from the link below.

    via XDA
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