HTC Scores Behind the Scenes; Hires Ex-Samsung Chief Marketing Officer

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    After some expensive marketing mis-steps, it looks like HTC is getting serious about fixing their image. Several reports indicate they just hired Paul Golden on a temporary contract. Paul Golden was the Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung and was one of the spear-heads for the massively successful "Next Big Thing" ad campaign which saw Samsung poking fun at their competition (especially Apple).

    This is a major coup for HTC. If Golden can work his magic for HTC, then we might finally see the company rise to prominence once again. It certainly will be nice to see a third player in the smartphone world with the power to take on the Samsung-Apple duopoly.

    Paul Golden will be directly advising chairperson Cher Wang. The question is... will it be "too little too late", or "just in the nick of time"?

    Source: Bloomberg
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    Seems like a good move.

    The "missteps" of HTC really were comical, from millions paid to Beats to millions more paid to Robert Downey Jr. The Beats deal might have worked but HTC marketing/promotion choices have just been horrible.
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    Good for them. I really liked the Rezound and wish I had bought it a lot sooner than I did. I'm also having a blast with the M8. The DNA I could just never warm up to but hey, two out of the three HTC phones I've tried have been great. I'm not thrilled at all about the S5 so far or the direction the Galaxy line seems to be headed. I don't think anyone knows what's to become of Motorola products... so I'll give a cheer for HTC and look forward to more of their stuff. I would like to make one little suggestion to HTC... "THE TOP OF THE PHONE IS NOT WHERE THE POWER BUTTON SHOULD BE!" ;)