HTC CEO Peter Chou Ready To Start A Patent War With Apple

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    HTC CEO Peter Chou Ready To Start A Patent War With Apple

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    By: Anton D. Nagy | 5:50 AM 22-Jul-11 | Comments

    HTC was recently found to be infringing two of Apple's patents from the total of ten Cupertino claimed to be at the core of the latest dispute between the American and the Taiwanese company. HTC's CEO, Peter Chou, is confident and is ready to go to war.

    Everyone wondered why HTC purchased S3 Graphics recently and one of the reasons appears to be patents. Talking about the appeal to the ruling that found the two infringements, Peter Chou said HTC was "confident that we have a strong case", though "the "war" over smartphone customers should be fought in the market place, not the courts".

    Not only HTC is prepared to fight back but also threatens Apple with a raft of patents that HTC recently acquired with S3 Graphics. "We have enough patents to make a stand," said Mr Chou, so it looks like Apple found another tough-to-crack nut with HTC, adding to the already ongoing saga of the Samsung lawsuit.

    Source: BBC News
    Via: CoolSmartphone