How to set Voice Main short cut with password

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    How to set Voice Mail short cut with password

    What a pain it can be to type in your four digit password when using the Droid. Here is a fix to make call your Voice Main a one step process.

    From the Home Window.

    1. Start at the Home screen >
    2. Touch the menu key/button >
    3. Touch Settings >
    4. Touch call Settings >
    5. Touch Voice Mail Settings >
    6. Short Touch the Voice Mail window with the *86 and a cursor will be inserted behind the (6) and a number pad will appear>
    7. Touch the bottom left key with *#( on it. >
    8. Touch the (,) located second row, third column. Touch it a second time. This will insert two ,, after the *86>
    9. Touch the 123 key on the bottom left of the key pad>
    10. Using the key pad enter your Four digit password ( now your voice mail number will look like this *86,,**** where the * represents your password.>
    11. Touch OK and you are done.
    Now when you are on the Phone Window all you need to do is touch the short cut key on the bottom left side of the long button. It will dial your voice mail number enter a pause then dial your password for you. This lets you get you Voice Mail with only One button Touch.

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    I had done this almost immediately upon getting the phone, as I had done this on my old Q as well...
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