How To Root The Lenovo K3 Note!

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    The Lenovo K3 Note is a surprisingly great phone. This phone cost less than $200, and has a great screen and is a performance powerhouse with its Mediatek octa core processor. The only thing that really keeps this phone from being a game changer is the Vibe OS. Vibe OS isn't awful except for the fact that it is full of bloatware. The bloatware here is not your standard US bloatware. There are legit apps that include "malware like" pop up ads. When you turn your screen off set the phone to the side then wake it back up you will have to clear 5 or more popups before you can use your phone. It is plain ridiculous and Lenovo should be ashamed of themselves.

    You can eradicate this issue by rooting and installing a recovery. Once recovrery is installed you will be able to flash a custom rom like CyanogenMod 12.1. Here are the steps for rooting your Lenovo K3 Note.

    1.) Go to Settings>about phone> software> click build number 7 times to unlock developer settings
    2.) Select dev settings and turn on USB debugging
    3.) Download
    4.) Install ADB and Fastboot to your PC
    5.) Grab CWM Recovery and place it in your ADB and Fastboot folder
    6.) right click inside folder and select open command prompt here
    7.) type command "fastboot flash recovery "recovery.img"
    8.) type command "fastboot reboot
    9.) power down phone
    10.) Boot into recovery (hold volumeup+volumedown and power, when phone vibrates release power only)
    11.) install zip from sdcard, choose zip, choose
    12.) Reboot and Enjoy
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