How to root PROPERLY!

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    To make it work properly I have found out when you install SDK the USB drivers don't install in the tools folder of SDK.

    (example: C:\sdk\tools\usb-tools) - You NEED to have the USB TOOLS folder in there, if you DON'T have it, then you must follow these instructions

    Droid Incredible ROOT - Driver install WIN 7 64 - TRY THIS if your having trouble.

    Just put the proper files into the location, download the files and put them where they belong, don't have to follow the other parts he posted (no disrespect)

    If you put them where they belong then do adb shell, it will WORK.

    Thanks, and this is my first post so if I did anything wrong, please let me know.

    Credit to R1Lover for the files.
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