How Many RPGs Have You Beaten?

Discussion in 'Android Games Discussions' started by NVash, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Im curious, its as I was putting many ROMS on my cell phone that I wondered this. Sure, its great that I can leave my GBA in the house now and the game is on my phone but still I wonder. How many of these RPGs will I actually beat?

    I usually dont play the ROMS very long, I may play a quick game whilst dropping off a package but I really dont play them for long periods of time. Well why not? Is this screen not bigger than the GBA? Almost like the DS? Great quality screen. Controls are a little awkward but you know, I can deal with that. So why dont I play them for long periods of time? I think it boils down to three main things.
    1) TXTs cause serious slowdown and most times I immediately cut off the game to answer.
    2) Phone calls. Never got one during it yet but man I can see it already how annoyed Id be. Id probably say something like 'WHAT?! Look, Id love to talk but I was just about a second away from a Save Point and I think you should know that Im very annoyed about that'.
    3) The main purpose, this is a phone. I worry often about the drain it puts on my battery when I play a game. Many times Ive been stranded places with my phone already dead, I wasnt amused. Not trying to bring that again on purpose.

    These are all my reasons. I still play the games, just not for long intervals. Ive played games for awhile and they dont REALLY hurt the battery as much as Id like to think. But what about everyone else? What do they think? What do they play? Its already been established that frantic games may not be the best of ideas to play on here, so I figure most people stick with RPGs. That leads me to to the title of this thread and my question. How many RPGs have you played and actually beaten? Does anyone agree or disagree with my thoughts on this?