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    Hi all...I am one of the first people to get a Droid X phone and I am kinda lost....You see, I have never had a smartphone before as I never needed one. I am quite familiar with cellular as I have activated all makes and carriers of phones for a reseller here in LA and currently assist in marketing to cellphone companies as part of my work.

    My problem is...I downloaded all my Facebook contacts to my contact list on my Droid X. I figure this is more of an Android problem rather than a problem exclusive to my new phone. I don't want my Facebook contacts on my call roster...many of these people are very casual acquaintances and I don't need their info on a phone. How do I remove either the Facebook app from Android, or delete my Facebook contacts without defriending anyone?

    I will probably have other questions related to this as I go along.

    Thank you for reading my post

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