HELP! Samsung Proclaim Pre-Paid, NO NETWORK AVAILABLE???

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by slow_mo_panda, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (identical to the Illusion) with which I use the pre-paid Unlimited Straight Talk cards, and have been using for about 6 months.
    I have not noticed any recent problems, except that the battery seemed to be draining faster lately. I had about a 50% charge when I went to bed about 1am. Phone was working at that time. I woke up just a little bit ago (about 4am), and checked my phone. BOTH the 3G and the WiFi were DOWN, and a tiny symbol at the top of the screen (a circle with a / through it) I had never seen before. I booted up my laptop (plugged in at all times to outlet) and plugged in the phone to charge via USB. After several minutes, the WiFi came back. My wifi connection was never down from my modem. I use ATT wireless and DSL.
    I have not hacked, rooted, or otherwise done anything to my phone. I just got the card and refilled it unlimited 2 days ago. Calls and text were working fine as of last night. I have not downloaded ANY apps apart from a Facebook app, a few simple ones like flashlight, battery stats, and 'Wheres My Droid?' Nothing else has been downloaded.
    Any posts regarding this issue on the Straight Talk site seem to be purposely hiding any kind of solutions, no info as to how the other users fixed this issue. I would really prefer NOT to call the CS unless it is the dead LAST option. ST service is quite literally the worst CS in the country, I promise you. I have too much to do to spend 3 days on the phone with them. Aside from the fact I have no phone now. LOL
    This is my ONLY phone, I cannot call anyone without the network working. My Weather Widget will not refresh, saying 'Network Not Available'. No calls or texts are working. I would eternally love anyone who knows what to do to FIX this ASAP! :)
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