help me please ! im new ?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy SII' started by gabrielrr, Jan 11, 2012.

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    ok im NEW ! i didnt see the forum about the sam galaxy s1 so if u mdoerator see this and there is a forum about the S1 could u please move this thread to there ? THANK YOU

    hello guys i need help !

    so i wanted this phone called " Samsumg Epic Galaxy S1 " but im about to move to brazil and it will only work if the cellphone has GSM .(the sim card) .
    I cant find this phone Unlocked ! like no where, i want the Samsumg Epic Galaxy s1 unlocked but i cant find it anywhere .
    I LOVE THIS phone ! but i tried to find on internet this phone unlocked(sim card) but i cant find, i dont want the epic galaxy s2 i dont like it .

    if you know other phone JUST LIKE the Samsumg Epic galaxy s1 , please tell me the name(only tell me if the phone supports GSM and it can be unlocked)

    thank you !