Hasoffer,a platform that recommend the most popular mobile games to you.

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    This is our first product, Hasoffer, which is an Android games recommendation platform.
    We regularly recommend the most popular Android games to the players and sometimes they can get credits by installing and playing the games from Hasoffer. The credits can be redeemed to gift cards or in-kind rewards, such as earphone and Micro SD card.

    How it works:
     Install Hasoffer App on your Android device and register with your email.
     Get the hottest mobile games recommendation and install from Google Play.
     Get credits by installing and playing the rewarding mobile games from Google Play.
     Unlock the beautiful wallpaper and play games to get credits.
     Redeem your credits into gift cards and in-kind rewards.
     Share Hasoffer with your friends via Facebook or Twitter and help them to get gift cards and in-kind rewards.
    Install Hasoffer on GooglePlay:
    Hasoffer Home Page:

    More details:


    Feel free to contact us if there’s anything you need.

    Best regards and Happy new year!

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