Good news won’t be missed: Ways to join the Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 private beta

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    Dolphin will be soon updated to a new version. And it is said the new version Dolphin Browser HD V5.0 private beta will be shown at Google I/O.
    The private beta version is only at Google I/O? It is a pity that the beta is private. Official news said it will have a big change. What changes it will have? UI? (Its UI is only thing that I am not that satisfied) Performance? (It will be faster ?) Or new features? Cannot be certain. I want to be a tester of the private beta very, very and very much since I am curious about the new..
    Moving is always better than waiting. I heard that there is a way for Dolphin Browser fans who cannot attend Google I/O to have an experience in the V 5.0 private beta. Here I share it with all you.
    Here are the rules:
    1. Follow Dolphin Browser on Twitter or become their fans on Facebook
    2. Tell them "Why would you be a good Dolphin HD v5.0 beta tester?", using hashtag #dolphinhd5 and should @dolphinbrowser if you choose leave message on Twitter. The more specific your reason is the better.
    3. According to your reasons, they will pick the most persuasive messages and the corresponding followers or fans to be their beta version tester.
    4. If you are chosen by them, leave your email address, they will send the beta link via their support email.
    The download link will be sent around May 10. If you want to know the official news, just visit their blog: dolphin-hd-v5-0-private-beta-will-be -shown-at-google-io-want-to-experience-the-big-change/
    Is it easy and wonderful? So MOVE now!

    Here is their Twitter and Facebook:
    Dolphin Browser
    Dolphin Browser | Facebook
    And also their email: