Going from a Razr MAXX HD to a Note 2.....Should I??!! (CROSSPOST)

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX HD' started by xmguy, Mar 16, 2013.

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    I posted this to the Note 2 owners forum so I wanted to Cross-post here to get y'alls opinion too.

    Here is the "skinny". I bought the Razr Maxx HD the very day it launched in October 2012. I love the phone aside from the limited ram, semi poor camera and a issue that caused me to have upwards of 15+ replacements...., The ear piece will start to distort past 1/2 way up in volume levels during calls.

    So after asking VZW til I was blue in the face to swap me to the Note 2 (chose that because of the large battery and HD screen). I called today thinking since the S4 was coming out I decided to see if I could try again. They accepted and offered the Note 2. (sadly I have to buy the battery door and battery).

    However my reason for asking "should I" is...I bought a S3 before the Maxx HD and tried it, however I noticed it wasn't very loud and the sound seemed to vibrate though the phone body. Like if you put your hand on your chest and speak you can feel the sound vibrations. Same with the S3. That and the POOR battery. So I took it back and got the Maxx HD.

    See I use my phone in the following order. Music player (Rhapsody, Pandora, ETC), Phone calls, Video Recording and so on. So music loudness and quality is VERY important. The Maxx HD has the BEST speaker I've heard on a phone. Loud as can be and CLEAR with LITTLE to NO Distortions.

    So Knowing that VZW would allow me to get the Note 2, I went to the VZW store and messed around with it. Didn't notice the vibrations....However I DID notice that when the volume was up at full the speaker crackled and popped like it was distorted. So before I take the plunge and move over. I wanted to know if this is a known issue and if so....is it worth the swap?

    I want to add I spoke to a VZW sales rep today who had an iPhone and asked him what he would do......he told me he'd stay with the MAXX HD.
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    Sorry about your earpiece, perhaps you should see a doctor! Ha! Actually, I have no problem with the earpiece. You seem to have gotten your fair share of bad phones. I have had three, now all is fine.
    The Note is too damn big!
    Have you called Motorola?
    Often a store will have a batch of phones that are bad. Go to a different store?
    Keep fighting.
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