Galaxy S5 Overheating Fixed! Sort Of

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    Many users are beginning to report that their Galaxy S5 phones are starting to overheat. It has been discovered that the likely cause for this is aging batteries. The Galaxy S5 was the last in the "S" flagship Galaxy lineup to include a removable battery. If your S5 still has the stock battery it is nearing the end of its life cycle if it has not already passed the life cycle.

    As the batteries age they are starting to overheat. The quick yet more expensive fix would be to simply replace the battery. This would potentially solve your problem or at least it has solved the problem for many users who experienced overheating. Another quick less expensive fix is to purchase a leather case. This won't actually keep the phone from overheating, but it will keep your leg from burning up. Leather is known for its ability to dissipate heat, this is why blacksmiths use leather aprons. This is a temporary fix, but many users have reported it atleast makes using the phone more comfortable.

    Have any of you been experiencing overheating problems with your Galaxy S5? Let us know in the comments below.

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    No overheating issues on our 2 S5's. However, my battery life has dropped considerably after 2 years of heavy usage. I picked up an OEM replacement for just over 12 bucks from Amazon last week and I'm back to enjoying the amazing battery life from Sammys last 1080p device.

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