Full write-up on bootloader unlock, custom recovery, root, xposed, and ROMs

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    Before you start, verify you are on the latest update (SU4TL-44, 3.10.40-perf-g90ddf4a kernel).

    Disclaimer: Once you unlock your bootloader, your warranty is now void.

    I am not liable if something goes wrong. I am not a developer involved any of the things in this write-up, I'm simply just making a guide. Follow step-by-step, and you should have no issues. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a PM.


    DO NOT WIPE INTERNAL STORAGE, UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING. THE BEAUTY IF TWRP IS THE FACT THAT IT LEAVES INTERNAL STORAGE INTACT, MAKING A COMPUTER UNNECESSARY. WIPING INTERNAL STORAGE MEANS YOU WON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO FLASH. Should you want to wipe internal storage, be sure to backup anything you feel necessary on a computer, AND make sure you've already flashed a ROM. DO NOT wipe /system/ when wiping internal storage, otherwise it'll wipe your already installed ROM.

    Doing something you don't want to be SOL should something happen? MAKE A TWRP BACKUP before you flash.


    Bootloader Unlock for XT1254

    1. Download Sunshine

    2. Install Sunshine, reboot.

    3. Run Sunshine, follow on screen prompts.

    4. When Sunshine tells you it successfully unlocked. Your bootloader should be unlocked. It might reboot on its own instead of delivering a "Successful" message, I don't remember.

    5. To see if the bootloader unlocked, Power off, then hold Power and Volume Down simultaneously to boot into the bootloader. In the group of text in the bottom left corner you should see the word "Unlocked" in yellow. This confirms Sunshine was successful, and your bootloader is in fact unlocked. The area above should say "Start," if it does press Power to start up your phone. If not, use either of the volume keys to scroll through the options, then the Power key to select. (The default upon booting into the bootloader is "Start.")

    Custom Recovery, Root

    You do not have to change to a custom recovery. You can use a computer and fastboot, but a custom recovery (TWRP in this case) does not need a computer at all.

    1. Download Flashify from Play Store.

    2. Download TWRP for quark. TWRP 3.0.0-0 is also available below.

    3. Run Sunshine again to gain temp root access. Do not pay for another license.

    4. Use Flashify to flash TWRP. IIRC, it will make you reboot. If not, reboot.

    5. Download SuperSU.

    6. Boot into recovery (TWRP) by simultaneously holding Power and Volume Down. When the bootloader screens appear, press Volume Down twice and it should say "Recovery." Press Power to boot into recovery and you will now be in TWRP. In TWRP, tap Install, navigate to the folder where your download of SuperSU is located, tap it, then swipe to flash it. Restart system.

    7. Use Root Checker to verify you are rooted with SuperSU.

    8. Boot into TWRP, tap Backup and make a backup. Make note of where it says your backup will be located. Keep this backup on your phone, and copy it to a computer (or upload it to a cloud service, basically just have a backup of the backup). If you don't have a program on your computer to browse the root folders, use a file manager that can see the root folders. Navigate to your TWRP backup, copy it, and paste it in a regular folder, like your downloads folder. Then navigate to that folder on your computer and copy it to your computer.

    9. Your bootloader should be unlocked, and you should be rooted with SuperSU.

    Updating TWRP

    1. Download TWRP 3.0.0-0

    2. Boot into TWRP, tap Install, tap Images, find the latest version of TWRP and swipe to flash, select "Recovery" and swipe to flash again. Reboot to recovery to make sure TWRP successfully updated.


    1. Download "XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha4.apk" and "xposed-v80-sdk22-arm.zip" from: [OFFICIAL] Xposed for Lollipop/Marshmallow [Android 5.0/5.1/6.0, v80, 2016/02/02] (sdk 22 for Lollipop ROMs, sdk 23 for Marshmallow ROMs)

    2. Flash "xposed-v80-sdk22-arm.zip" in TWRP

    3. Install "XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha4.apk" like a normal apk.

    4. Xposed should be installed

    Updating Xposed

    1. Simply just download the latest version of Xposed, and flash.

    Available Custom ROMs:

    * CyanogenMod 12.1

    * Resurrection Remix 5.5.9

    * MoKee 5.1.1

    * computerfreek274's ROM which is optimized stock

    Visit the DROID TURBO FORUMS, and the MOTO MAXX FORUMS on XDA for any newly developed ROMS not listed above.

    Installing a Custom ROM

    For the most part, you download the ROM the recommended GApps. Read all of the information carefully, as some may have extra tidbits or warnings. I personally use OpenGApps.org's 5.1 Stock package with a custom config file to remove certain apps. You don't have to use a custom ROM, you can also use xposed with stock for customization. MAKE/HAVE A TWRP BACKUP, JUST IN CASE SOMETHING GOES WRONG.

    1. Choose a ROM, and download the ROM and GApps to your phone. Save it in a folder of your choice.

    2. Boot into TWRP, tap Wipe, then tap Advanced Wipe, then check off System, Dalvik, and Cache. ONLY THESE 3. If this is your first time flashing a custom ROM, you might encounter an issue if you haven't wiped data. Try without wiping data and if it doesn't work, wipe data too. This will remove any user downloaded apps, and associated app data. Anything an app saves to /sdcard/ (internal storage) will not be touched. Make a TWRP backup before starting, and in most cases you can restore the TWRP backup of data.

    3. Tap the on screen "home" button (bottom left), tap Install, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the ROM and GApps, tap the ROM and swipe to flash. Then go back and do the same for the GApps. For good measure, flash SuperSU again, and Xposed. (If you aren't using Xposed, or don't care for root, disregard whatever doesn't apply to you.)

    4. Reboot system.

    5. Have fun with your new ROM!


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