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    Do you miss the atari days from your childhood. Do you wish you could go back the simpler retro arcade games of yesteryear? The phones in our pockets are like modern day super computers, and one of their best features is the ability to play games anywhere we like. If you are looking for the perfect 8 bit arcade style driving game then "Delivery Dash" might be for you. Developer "vnapoli" has released his new game to the play store for your enjoyment. In this game you will jump into the driver seat of your very own pizza car. You will do your best to keep your pizza shop ahead of the competition. There are over 20 levels to choose from.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    To win you must avoid obstacles, show off your driving skills by weaving around opposing traffic, knock rival pizza cars off the road, collect money pizzas and other goodies, and upgrade your ride for better tips.

    Grab the app and discuss here