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    There are hundreds of Alarm Clock apps on the Google Play Store. Most of these alarm clocks are either super simple and serve the purpose of just waking your up with either a super annoying sound, or a peaceful sound, or some type of music, while other alarm clocks ask you to do some sort of equation so that you will become alert and hopefully not be able to go back to sleep. "The Tilt Alarm Clock" is different it uses an all new and unique method for making sure that you get out of bed in a timely manner. They have revolutionized the snooze button. In order to make their alarm clock snooze once it starts to ring you will need to tilt the phone almost perfectly vertical. The phone will need to remain vertical for a set amount of time known as "tilt time" The volume will fade from loud to quiet as the phone is tilted, and the alarm will expire once tilt time is reached. You can change your tilt time. The developer recommends 30 seconds if you are well rested, and 45-60 seconds if you have had a bit rougher of a night. There are Free and Pro versions of this app. The free version is ad supported while the Pro version will only set you back .99. Each app does the exact same thing only the Pro version is ad free! Head to the Play links below for the download.

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