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    That's right...list 'em ALL! I noticed from the "top 5 apps" thread that everyone pretty much had the same apps listed, give or take 10 or so. So here is your chance to list ALL your apps. This might give us an idea that even if it isn't in your top 5 (maybe you don't use it a lot) someone else might...if it's not an obvious or popular app, list its function!

    :icon_ banana:

    Here is a list of my apps:

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    I'll bite:

    - X-Box - Tracks your XBL activity, achievements, and your XBL friends.

    - Advanced Task Killer - Used for closing apps that you don't want running. I don't really use it much, it's just an 'in case' thing.

    - AK Notepad - Pretty much what it sounds like, a notepad.

    - AK47 - A virtual AK-47. It's pointless, but fun for messing with the nephews.

    - Amber Alert - Let's you know any time an Amber Alert for your area is activated. Highly Recommended.

    - Android Lightsaber - A lightsaber app that generates the sound effects. I'm told it will interact with a second lightsaber app if two people are running them close enough together.

    - AP Mobile - Associated Press on the Droid.

    - Astro - File Manager.

    - Backgrounds - I haven't actually used this yet, but it offers a bunch of different background options.

    - Barcode Scanner - I still use it sometimes, but I generally use ShopSavvy instead.

    - Bartender - Instructions on how to create a lot of mixed drinks.

    - Batterytime Lite - A battery monitor

    - Beautiful Widgets - Time, weather, and control panel widgets. Highly Recommended.

    - Bible - Just what it sounds like.

    - Bisynctargetpractice - It's supposed to be a target shooting app, but the accuracy is horrible on it.

    - Bluff my Call - Allows you to make a short phone call with a fake caller id. The paid version has the option for voice manipulation, I think.

    - Bubble Burst Lite - Game.

    - Bubble Level - A level that works on all axis'.

    - Bubble Wrap Game - Game.

    - Buzzd - Supposed to help you find local places, like restuarants, bars, concerts, ect.

    - Calculator - Same name, but this one's a scientific calculator instead of a base calculator.

    - CB Blackjack - Game.

    - Cell Wars Free - Game.

    - Chess - Game.

    - Chuck Norris Jokes - I d/l'ed mostly out of curiousity.

    - Currency Converter - For converting monetary amounts from one currency to another.

    - Daily Dilbert - Comic. Highly Recommended.

    - Daily Strip - Comic.

    - Dice Bag - A digital dice bag. If you play table top rpg's, you might find this useful.

    - Documents To Go (Free) - Allows for viewing (but not editing) of Microsoft documents. The paid version allows for editing, too. Highly Recommended.

    - Dolphin - Browser. This is the one I use the most. I'm currently experimenting with xScope, too, though.

    - FTPServer - I use it for wireless mounting from Droid to my lappy. I'm sure it can do more, but that's all I use it for.

    - FXCamera - Photo editing, mostly goofy stuff.

    - Goggles - Similar to Barcode Scanner, but I don't think it's as good, and definitely not as good as ShopSavvy.

    - Google Sky Map - Shows constellations when you point the camera at the sky.

    - Handcent SMS - Text messaging. I like it better than the default messenger. Highly Recommended.

    - Healthmap Swine Flu - Tells you about nearby occurrences of Swine Flu.

    - Home Switcher - Allows for easy switching between different Home themes. Highly Recommended.

    - Home++ - A home modifier / replacement.

    - iheartradio - Streams internet radio, but I haven't really used it much.

    - K-9 Mail - Email. I use it for MSN and Hotmail, and it works well for that, but I've heard complaints about it not working so well for Yahoo.

    - Key Ring - If you have a membership card with a bar code, this app captures it and generates a bar code that some places can scan. It's kind of 'here and there', though. One of the local 'mom and pop' type places near me can read it, but the scanners of the Movie Gallery near me can't. It's about 50/50 at Best Buy, some can read it, others can't.

    - Last.FM - Streams internet radio.

    - Layar - Altered Reality game.

    - Live Scores - Semi-real-time tracking of football games.

    - Lookout - Scans everything you download to make sure it's virus free. It's pretty pointless right now, but I like being prepared.

    - Mabilo Ringtones - Downloads ring tones for your phone.

    - Metal Detector - Just what it sounds like, but it will only detect ferrous metal. Things like aluminum won't detect.

    - MixZing Lite - Allows for creating of ring tones from mp3's on your phone.

    - More Icons - I don't use this much any more, but it allows for multiple icons to be placed in the space of one.

    - Movies - Shows local movie times and places.

    - My Verizon - This is one of the recommended ones from Verizon, and I think it should come default on the machine. It allows you to track your usage and pay your bill over the phone.

    - Mystique Chapter 1 - Game, horror / survival. I haven't made it very far yet.

    - NewsRob - I use it for RSS feeds.

    - OpenSudoku - Sudoku game.

    - OpenTable - Restaurant reservations.

    - OurGroceries - Grocery list app

    - Owner - Sets the lock screen so it has 'return to' info on it in case you lose your phone.

    - Pandora - Streams internet radio.

    - Paranormal News - Should be called 'Strange News', since hardly any of it is actually paranormal, but it's interesting.

    - Pew Pew - It's just a button. You press it, and it 'fires a laser' (pew pew).

    - PicSay - Photo editing.

    - Places Directory - Shows restaurants, bars, concerts, ect.

    - Poke-a-mole - Game.

    - Police Light - Pretty much what it sounds like, pretty pointless, but fun for messing with people.

    - PS3 Trophies - Allows for tracking of your PSN and trophies. It tracks friends, too, if you have a European account, but not North American accounts. Apparently the NA site doesn't allow the app to track PSN friends, but the EU one does.

    - Rodney Dangerfield Soundboard - Fortunately it's free, because it's only worth about 3 or 4 minutes of fun at most. And it doesn't even have any 'no respect' lines.

    - Ruger SR9 - Like the AK-47, but for the Ruger 9.

    - SchottGunn - Probably the most fun of the weapon sound boards. You can actually pump the Droid like it is a shotgun to load it.

    - Shapewriter - I haven't actually used it yet. I plan to do it when the trial of Swype finishes.

    - Shazam - Used for identifying music being played.

    - Shooter - Ballistics figuring app.

    - ShopSavvy - Take pictures of bar codes and it will show you the lowest price in the area and online, where to get it. Highly Recommended.

    - Smart Tac Toe - Game.

    - Solo Lite - 6-string emulator. The paid version may be better, but the free version is kind of meh. Probably not good for much more than tuning.

    - SpectralViewAnalyzer - Analyzes audio in real time.

    - Sports News - ESPN Sports news widget.

    - SportsTap - Tracks games from various sports in not-so-real-time. It's typically 10-15 minutes behind. If you just want to track a game, but don't need instant tracking, this works pretty well.

    - Star Trek Soundboard - A decent mix from the shows and movies, allows you to set the tracks as ring tones.

    - Star Wars Soundboard - Lines and sound effects from the movies.

    - Stewie Griffin Soundboard - Lines from Family Guy all centered around Stewie.

    - Stopwatch - Just what it sounds like.

    - StreamFurious - Streams internet radio and allows you to add your own feeds if what you want isn't listed.

    - Sudoku Free - Sudoku game.

    - Sweeter Home - Home Replacement. My current favorite of the Home replacements I've tried so far.

    - Talk - IM app.

    - The Weather Channel - Real-time tracking of local weather. Highly Recommended.

    - Tip Calculator - What it sounds like.

    - Traffic - Tracks local traffic conditions.

    - Transformers Soundboard - Audio from the old 80's cartoon, movie, and new movies.

    - Trap! - Game.

    - Tricorder - Allows for multiple sensor tracking.

    - TTS Service Extended - Text to Speech app.

    - Twidroid - Twitter app. This one is the free, but there is a paid version, too. Not sure what the difference is.

    - Ultrasound - Most people have probably heard of this as Mosquito. I think that's the iPhone name of the program. Plays tones in ultrasonic frequencies, makes for an impromptu hearing test...

    - Unit Converter - Converts between meters, feet, miles, and so on.

    - USA TV Guide - Displays tv shows for up to the next 3 days.

    - Useless Facts - What it sounds like.

    - Visual VM - Visual Voicemail. I haven't actually set it up because I'm not paying for the option. And I'm not entirely sure I even downloaded it. It might have come standard on the phone.

    - Voice Recorder - What it sounds like.

    - Weapons Sounds - Multiple weapon sound effects, but it's pretty poorly done.

    - Wells Fargo Mobile - Allows you to access your Wells Fargo account directly through their app. I imagine there is one for any major bank.

    - Where - Displays local events and places.

    - WiFinder - Locates nearby wifi hotspots and gives their strength level.

    - WikiMobile - Wikipedia in an app.

    - xScope Lite - Browser. Right now, Dolphin's still my fav, but this one has potential.
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    Advanced Task Killer
    ASTRO File Manager
    Battery Left
    Better Keyboard
    Flight Director
    i Music
    MotoTorch LED
    Robo Defense
    Speed Test
    Weather Widget Donate
    What The Doodle!?
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    dirty dirty
    i have recently deleted/uninstalled most of mine (down from like 97) so now i just have some tools i use. i'll get more at some point, but i kinda wanted to start over...

    1001 spanish verbs
    beautiful widgets (only paid app i have)
    brightness level (widget)
    calvin and hobbes (ok, i had to keep SOMETHING)
    mylock *recommended for people that don't need to lock their phones for security reasons only*
    data counter widget
    english spanish dictionary
    all the *oid emulators to kill time..
    handcent (this plus swype, or you are doing it WRONG) ;)
    key ring
    spanish flashcards
    google talk (can't remember if this was native)
    the schwartz
    tunewiki (phenom.)
    unit converter

    i left out all the native apps and i'm sure i missed some, but that's what i use most.
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    I love this thread. Thanks for all the great apps!!! Please keep them coming for those of us who need suggestions on what's good!!!
  6. Matth3w

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    Come on guys, keep it coming.
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    Bolded are the ones I either use regularly or just think deserve special mention because they're well designed.

    Barcode Scanner
    Cachemate demo
    Camera Zoom FX (and about 20 related packs)
    ES Task Manager
    Google Map Address Book
    Google Sky Map
    Google Translate
    LEDs Hack
    MotoTorch LED
    My Coupons
    Note Everything Pro
    PicSay Pro
    SUFBS - best rooted file manager + terminal imo
    Sweeter Home
    Talk to Me
    Texas Holdem - RedPokerClub
    Thinking Space - amazing mind mapping utility
    Touchdown Pro
    TTS Service Extended
    Weatherbug Elite
    Wireless Tether
    xScope Lite

    There's some duplication of functionality and some these are going to get deleted eventually: Aloqua, Yelp, and Where; xScope and Dolphin; Qik and Bambuser. Just haven't had the time to see which I like best yet.
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  8. Wendy

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    This is everything I have installed currently (minus the built-in's)

    The Weather Channel
    Photoshop Mobile
    Grocery King
    OI Safe
    Calorie Counter
    Inventory Droid Trial
    List Master
    Barcode Scanner
    Apps Organizer
    Mobile Defense
    SuperMario Bros Sounds
    Disney Wallpaper
    Snoopy Wallpaper
    Mototorch Led
    My coupons
    OI Shopping
    Slick Deals
    List master
    Home ++
    Droid Light
    Androlib Wallpapers
    My Verizon
    Free Dictionary Org
    Spark Recipes
  9. acturbo

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    Dec 8, 2009
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    Apps Organizer
    Astro File Manager
    Beautiful Widgets
    Caller ID Faker
    Calorie Counter
    Carr Matey
    Dolphin Browser
    Droidlive Lite
    Easy Money
    Gentle Alarm
    Ghost Radar
    Google Translate
    GPS Status
    Gstrings(its for guitar tuning not what you are thinking lol)
    Live Scores
    Mabilo Wallpaper
    News and Weather(from 2.1)
    Note Everything
    PRO Zoom Camera 5X
    Robo Defense
    S2 Calendar
    Say My Name
    Set CPU
    Terminal Emulator
    Throttle Copter
    Wave Secure
    WeFi Connect
    Wheres my Droid
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    Gonna follow suit putting my favorites in bold. I have a lot of stuff installed, that I never use anymore I just haven't taken the time to remove them. Games in particular, as I had an app uninstallation spree recently, games weren't involved in that spree.

    ABC Organizer - Organizes stuff, to create "folders" on the main screens

    Abduction! - This game is wonderful. One of the first games I installed.

    Action Potato - Game where you tap a pot, and it jumps up and catches a potato, watch out for the blue ones. Not very fun, on my to be uninstalled list.

    AdFree - Removes ads, good stuff.

    Advanced Task Manager - A task manager/killer, which is also on my to be removed list as I never use it anymore.

    AndExplorer - A file explorer, I have a few of these. I should probably just pick one, and get rid of the others.

    Apps Organizer - Don't know why but this seems to run better for me than abcOrganizer. I never use the contact feature anyhow.

    Astro - File explorer. As mentioned, have a few of these, this is my personal favorite I guess as I tend to use it the most. Nothing against the others though.

    Backgrounds - Wallpaper app, searches the web for wallpapers. I have found some pretty decent ones through it. The Wallpapers section here, I have found more cool things though.

    Barcode Scanner - Does what it says. Really only use it for quick access to a QR scanner.

    Baseball Superstars 2009 Lite - This game is kinda fun. I like the batting, not so fond of the fielding though. Gets kinda frustrating. I don't play it anymore, will be uninstalled.

    Beautiful Widgets - One of my most used apps here. I don't use the toggling widgets, but I love the clock and weather. Even greater now that there are tons of skins.

    Bebbled - Being a fan of puzzles and puzzle games, I have a bunch of them. Like this one, don't play it a lot though, at least not yet.

    Bettercut - Creates shortcuts, and changes the icon for the shortcut for things. Pretty cool. I am not using it currently, as I have some themed icons that came with a theme I am running, otherwise this would be bold.

    Blocked Stone - Developer mToy has made some great games, this being one of my favorites. A colored rectangle (red?) starts on the left and you need to get it to the right side of the screen. The rectangles can only move the of the small side of the rectangles. There are almost unlimited puzzles out there. Love it.

    Bonsai Blast - This game apparently was like the best Android game for a while, and I see why. This game is like Zuma, a parade of balls are rolling toward the end or something, and you have to shoot more balls to destroy them. Connect multiple of a color to make them disappear, lots of powerups, and varieties in gameplay. Unfortunately not on the market anymore, unless it has popped up recently.

    Bubble Defense Ad-Free - I love Turret Defense games, this is one of the best ones I have played on the phone. I haven't tried the sequel yet. I have a little trouble justifying $4 for it when I have so many other games. I will probably get it eventually though.

    Charlie the Unicorn Soundboard - I love this cartoon, thought about using some sounds to make a ringtone. Didn't happen, probably going to get uninstalled.

    Checkers - A decent, and somewhat challenging game of checkers. Going to uninstall though, I don't play it.

    Chess - See above replace checkers with chess.

    Coloroid - Not really how to explain this puzzle game in words. Fun puzzle game, different.

    Configure myLock - Easily one of my favorite apps I have. It allows you to bypass the slide to unlock screen, among some other things.

    Dock Runner - App to enable the dock mode. Don't really use it too much, but I like having the option.

    Dolphin Browser - My most used browser. I don't mind the default browser, it actually works pretty well. But I really like Dolphin a lot. Even if Firefox came out tomorrow, they may have their hands full to convince me to change.

    drocap2 - Screen capturing application, for rooted phones. Works well.

    ES File Explorer - Another file explorer. Once again, not sure which is the best, I need to just pick one and get rid of the losers.

    Gonna break this list up a bit, so I don't have one extremely massive post.
  11. cupfulloflol

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    Fios Mobile - Able to set up recordings on my Fios DVR when I am not at it. Find out I am gonna work a little late, and not be home by 7PM to see the start of the hockey game? No sweat, few clicks and bam. It also works pretty well if you are just searching for a show/movie, or a basic browser to see what is coming on. I love this app.

    Frozen Bubble - Another puzzle game, kinda like bubble bobble. I haven't really gotten into this one yet. A buddy of mine at work, this is his favorite game.

    Fun Towers - I am not sure what the real name of this is, but I have played this before. A card game, solitaire of sorts. Pretty easy way to kill a few minutes, as the games don't last that long unless you get super lucky and get a good streak going. A lot of my other games take a short while.

    'oid lites - Emulators for whatever system is before the oid. I don't use these that often, but purchasing one or two of these in the future probably wouldn't be out of the question. Playing other games though.

    Gmote - Control music and movies and stuff on my computer, from my phone. Don't really use this that often, but cool thing to show off.

    Google Goggles - Tried it a few times, and it failed everything I tried it on.

    Google Sky Map - Fun to show off what it can do.

    Grid Droid - Another mToy game. Kinda like creating a circuit of sorts, but it is all busted up and you have to figure out how it goes. Lots of levels, pretty good if you are into this sort of stuff. Personally not as into this one as I am a couple of other by mToy.

    Handcent SMS - The majority of my use of the phone aspect of this is done through texting. My texting is done through Handcent. Another one of my most used apps.

    Hearts - Card game by the same name. Good game if you are into the game. Easy to play a few hands just to kill a couple minutes.

    Home++ - A home replacement app. A little buggy I guess, and has some features I would like implemented that aren't yet. Currently I am not running it, but up until roughly a week ago I had used it and loved it. I rooted my phone and have been trying some of the custom ROMs and themes.

    Jewels - Bejeweled, a puzzle game where the screen is full of different jewles. Match up 3 or more in a row, they disappear and more drop from the top. Love this game, in any format I can get it. This was my most played game on my previous phone, along with a tetris clone.

    Layar - A reality browser, which to me is kinda pointless, probably going to uninstall it. Cool to show off though I guess.

    LEDs Hack - Disables the LEDs for rooted users. I tried it, it worked, never used it again. Probably will uninstall this.

    Metamorph - A way to apply custom themes to your phone once rooted. I haven't messed witht his yet as I have been happy with the ROM themes I have found.

    Mototorch LED - LED flashlight, this has come in handy in more than one instance.

    Opensudoku - A bunch of Sudoku puzzles. I like them, almost finished them all alredy though.

    Pair up - A puzzle game matching 2 like pieces, trying to clear the board. Not too bad. I haven't given this one a lot of time yet though.

    Pandora - Pandora radio

    Papi*insert game* - I have 4 of these catch, jump, missile, river. Simple small takes on other games. Although they are quite fun.

    Phit Droid series - Another mToy game, this is probably my favorite one. There are like 4 of these. Basically you get a number of shapes and have to use those shapes, without rotating them to fit into a shape.

    Power Manager - I don't really use the app, but I use the widget to toggle settings. I like the aesthetics of this one compared to most other toggle widgets.

    Ringdroid - I personally prefer to edit the songs on my computer, to create the ringtone. But this works, if I get bored and get the idea for a ringtone and have the song on my phone. I have the option.

    Robo Defense - A tower defense game. Yes...another game, but this one is great. This should come stock with the phone :laugh:

    SetCPU - Overclock, or underclock the CPU of the Droid. Cool I guess, haven't really experienced much real difference though.

    Shapewriter keyboard - A swiping keyboard. This is ok, not extremely fond of it though.

    Shazam - Play it a part of a song, it tells you who it is and what song it is. Pretty great stuff.

    Shop Savvy - Barcode scanner that can scan QRs, but it is also used to find cheaper prices for things. I have saved a few dollars with this app.

    Solitaire - Solitaire the card game, a few varieties of it. Good stuff.

    Spades - Spades the card game, not bad. But I swear my partner in the game has the mental capacity of the creator of the iPad ( :p ). Really he bids nil, and then ends the round with taking 8 cards.

    Surveyor - It can measure the distance between 2 objects, roughly. Not 100% accurate, but kinda cool. Very pointless app though, but fun to show off.

    Tricorder - A app that use the Star Trek thing, and uses all the sensors on the phone to make readings.

    TuneWiki - Mp3 player. I have rolled back to the stock player as the stock player's widget is black, and tunewiki's is gray.

    Voice - Google Voice app.

    WordUp! - A square of random letters, and you have to find words in there by connecting the letters. This game is a fun way to kill a couple minutes.

    Yellowbook - Online phonebook basically. Good stuff.

    Swype - Keyboard that allows swiping gestures. My favorite way to input text, especially in portrait mode.
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  12. armeddroid

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    Traffic Capital
    XScope - Browser
    Dolphin - Browser
    Handsent - SMS
    Astrid - Notes or TO DO list
    Droid Live- Radio
    Pandora - Radio
    AndroLib - Wallpapers
    National Geographic - Wallpapers
    Screen - Wallpapers
    PICSAY - Photo editor
    Photoshop Mobile - Photo editor
    ShopSavy - Barcode scanner
    Google Goggles - Everything scanner
    Shazam - Music ID tool
    Aloqua - Local GPS search tool, gas stations, clubs, restaraunts anything
    Easy Money - Checkbook, finances, etc
    Docs to Go - Word docs, Pdfs, etc
    Droid Light - Flash light
    Body Fitness - Exercise App, almost like IPHONE's IFITNESS
    Flixters- Movies listing will full trailers
    1CAST - Video News
    USA Today - General news
    TWC(the weather channel)
    Talk To Me - Voice or text language translation tool
    ES File Explorer
    Light Racer 3D - TRON 3d GAME
    Toonwars 3D - 1st person shooter
    Iron Sight 3D-Battlemech Turn Based
    Flight Director
    Robo Defense
    Wave Racer 3D
    Raging Thunder 3D
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