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    Has anyone else had problems in Firefox Mobile while trying to download files to your phone and getting the Captcha area (area that asks you to type in a certain set of letters) flashing different words over and over so you can't enter anything?

    This used to NOT be the case but now I am having major problems just trying to download files. I know that it is the phone makers that are trying to deter us from downloading files from the internet, but that really pisses me off since I bought this device and should be able to download any damn thing I feel like downloading. Most mobile browsers (including stock) won't even come close to working properly for downloading basic files (like .apk files, .zip files, etc.) but Firefox Mobile was the only one that I used to be able to count on for this but something has now screwed that up!!!

    Does anyone know of another mobile browser that will allow you to download any damn thing you want like on a PC, or have a better way of doing it? I have also tried apps in the past like "Download them all", "Download crutch", etc. but nothing seemed to work.

    I have many things that I sometimes want to download throughout the day, and I DO NOT want to use my work computer for obvious reasons! Please help if you know of a work around for this.

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