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    I have a CDMA Milestone on a small local carrier (Bluegrass Cellular), and flashed the C 1.43 baseband (stupid mistake!). My carrier uses the C1.07. I found the .SBF file and flashed it using RSD Lite. I now have the correct baseband and 2.1 Android installed, but apparently the settings for the EVDO are wrong. Is there any way to find and change these settings? I took it to see if Bluegrass Cellular could do anything with it and they seem to know less than I do. I told them that it had previously been rooted, and they just assume that's what caused the problem. The phone, texting, and everything else works fine-just not the mobile network. I hope I haven't made a $300 mistake! Any ideas?

    Also, have my APN settings backed up but it won't let them be changed-they just go back to the default one that was with the SBF I flashed. Is there a way to edit them?
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