Fingerprint Scanner v1.4

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    Fingerprint Scanner v1.4
    Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
    Overview:This app is like a real finger scanner, fingerprint security app or a fingerprint lock; but it cannot act as a fingerprint lockscreen for your phone as this doesnt work like a locker app.


    How to use:
    1) Make sure your victim doesn't see the screen of the finger scanner at first.
    2) Enter his/her info in the first screen of the finger scanner. Don't enter everything because it won't be convincing. It's up to you!
    3) Press "Ok!" button to start the finger scanner.
    4) Go to your friend, make him/her scan his/her thumb (fingerprint) to the finger scanner.
    5) Wait for the fingerprint scanner results to appear! As soon as the results are there, he'll be amazed and think that your phone has a database of all FBI fingerprints and that your phone can act as a real fingerprint scanner.

    Please note that Fingerprint Scanner is for entertainment purposes only and no phone has the capability to recognize or match fingerprints.
    More Info:
    Download Instructions:

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