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    I am one of Dolphin user, since dolphin released their latest version. There are two new features I need to say.

    Firstly, about speed dial. When you surf the website and you want to add this website to speed dial. For the previous version, when you add the website, you can not edit the title of speed dial. Now you can change the title of speed dial before you add/save this webpage to speed dial.

    Secondly, about the new feature on 21 languages. Before that like if you are Spanish or French you only can use English. Now you can choose your own languages with Dolphin Browser Beta 10.0.4

    These were what i found. Is there any other new experience you can share.

    By the way, if you want to test the Dolphin Browser Beta 10.0.4, you need to join the Google Plus Dolphin Browser Community and click the link to start testing.
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