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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by labboypro, May 21, 2014.

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    Galaxy Note 3, running 4.4.2. Phone is new, so I'm still trying to get it set up like I want. I have 2 Android devices and one Windows Outlook client that regularly poll for mail from 2 different POP email accounts. Outlook is the "primary" in that I use it as my main point of bi-directional communication, but I do occasionally use the Android devices to read/write.

    I used to have Outlook set to sweep emails off the server, which meant if the timing was wrong, I might not ever see an email on my phone (ie, Outlook polls every 15 minutes, and clears out the server right after an email arrives, which means when the phone polls, there would be no email to retrieve... and thus I would miss it until I got back to my desktop). So, I changed Outlook to leave email on the server for 14 days before deleting. On my old phone, this allowed the behavior I wanted... to be able to see new emails on my phone regardless of when Outlook last polled for email. This is STILL how it works with my Android tablet, but on the new Note 3 phone, it isn't behaving properly. The email client INSISTS on having 25 emails in place... period (I found the 25, 50, 100 setting... it will insist on whatever number I set it to). So, if I delete all the emails on the phone inbox, at next poll, it will fetch them all over again... over and over, and forever and ever. The client is failing to remember where it left off last time. Again, this is NOT how my Galaxy Tab 10.1 client behaves, and not how my old Droid Incredible behaved. It's just a waste of bandwidth to keep pulling down the same emails over and over again. Suggestions?
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    I understand your concern but don't think it can be changed. You may want to consider a different email client from the Play Store.