Easily Disable OTA Updates On LG G4

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    Firmware updates are a great thing. The thing that makes them great is they often bring new features, and they almost always patch vulnerabilities making your phone safer to use. The only issue with this is that the vulns they patch take away our ability to root. If you need your phone rooted then you already know that as a rule of thumb you don't accept over the air updates. OTA updates are so annoying if you are trying to run stock and you refuse to take them. You are asked at a minimum of once a day to accept the update until you do finally accept it.

    It is actually pretty simple to disable OTA updates on the LG G4. It doesn't even require that you are rooted. This should work on most variants of the device including T-Mo, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, and more.

    In Settings/Apps/All disable each of the following apps:

    • LGDMSClient.apk
    • LGUpdateCenter.apk
    • LGFOTA.apk
    • LGLDB.apk

    If you don't see one of the above apps its ok not all of the apps are on all variants. You will also need to disable the carrier specific app listed below:

    1. AT&T LG G4 H810: WildTangent.apk
    2. Sprint LG G4 LS991: Sprint_Installer.apk
    3. T-Mobile LG G4 H815: AdaptClient.apk
    4. Verizon LG G4 VS986: VerizonIgnite.apk

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