Easily Debloat Your Verizon HTC One With Flashable Script!

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    If you have unlocked your HTC One bootloader through HTC dev, and installed a custom recovery then you are ready to debloat your device. Bloatware is one of many reasons we waited over a month to see this device. Its also a good way for Verizon to line their deep pockets! Bloatware can eat up your storage space, bog down, and clutter your phone. Thanks to "GrayTheWolf" we have a super easy way to debloat our device. All you have to do is flash a zip in recovery!

    What it removes:

    Amazon apps, Audible, Chrome Browser, Facebook, Flickr, JetCet Print, Google Kid Mode, Kindle App, LinkedIn, My Verizon, My Task, PDF Viewer, Picassa, Google Plus App, Polaris Office, Stocks App, Tunein, Twitter, VMWare Ready, VZW Accessories, VZW Dock Mode, VZW Game Portal, VZW Location Agent, VZW Slacker Radio, VZW VZTones, VZW Video Portal, VZW Backup Assistant, VZ Navigator, VZW Hotspot think, and The VPN app.

    Via XDA
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