Droid X not receiving emails

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    Okay, I'm a forum rookie but I'm going to give this a shot. I bought my X at Costco a couple months ago. I love it but it sure is a glitchy bugger. Lately it hasn't been receiving my emails (one corp acct and one godaddy). I have to hit the refresh button on each one to get it to download. Then it downloads emails that I've already deleted too. (No, it' not an Outlook issue. All settings there are good.) I've been researching the issue for the last couple of hours, which is WAY too much time to spend but I need my phone to work the way the darn expensive thing is supposed to work. It seems this is not a new problem for the X but there are so many different fixes. I've pulled the battery. That isn't it. I don't want to re-route all my emails through Gmail either. Won't that just mess up my Outlook programs (laptop and desktop)? I don't have a task killer, that I know of. A Costco employee put a new widget on my phone that replaced my other wi-fi, bluetooth widgets. It has some kind of refresh button on it so that I don't have to turn the phone off so often. (I was doing that a lot because the phone is glitchy...like I said.) That doesn't seem to do anything and I would remove it if I knew what it was called so that I could find it to remove it. Okay...I'm going long here. Just frustrated when things don't work the way they are supposed to.
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