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    Just got the Bionic - coming from Rooted DX (Liberty). Battery life sux - may look at buying the extended.
    Now I'm done venting..........On to the question. There are two SD memory listings in the file system. The "sdcard" and the sdcard-ext. It looks like the sdcard-ext is the external SD 32GB (in my case). I swapped SD's from my DX leaving the file structure the same. The music app doesn't see the music I have in the "Music" folder on the actual MicroSD card . It looks as thought the application/s for this version of Android do not recognize the sdcard-ext as the primary external memory. I had to copy the Music folder to the internal memory - LAME!. Any ideas other than downloading a different music app?

    Oh, and if anyone has wisdom on the battery life of this phone I would appreciate it. :hail:
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