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    I just got a droid 2 global and I am wondering whether to exchange it. I am in the last days of my 14-days return privilege & am experiencing random reboots only when charging via USB. I am running Fission 2.4.3 installed using FRM lite 1.2.4. In normal usage it is rock solid & stable, which makes me doubt it is a hardware issue. Is there anyone on this forum who was able to overcome the random reboots merely by exchanging the hardware, keeping the same ROM and Apps? My SD card is clean save for some nandroid backups. I have "droid 2 bootstrapper' installed for its recovery. Related issue: every time I reboot the phone I end up in recovery without any key presses. Can this be solved by using another recovery tool? How do I uninstall "Droid 2 Bootstrapper" in favor of some other recovery tool? Thanks for your detailed answers.
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