DONE WITH MIUI! But can't pick between these 3...

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    ...if u have came across any of my previous posts, u would have noticed me "high-5ing their pen-15 with my mouth" lol but those days are NO MORE! Though I DO love the "updates" and all the awesome "improvements" oh...not to mention it likes to completely erase my sdcard weekly as well! Then they microsoft me by swearing I did something wrong...bottom line! 2wats...

    ...anyway, I've narrowed it down to these that are, from what I read, stable, not beta, and have wifi (which I need since having to downgrade plan...) my #1 is: Condemned-BS...#2: Synergy...& #3 is: Shooter ReWind 3d anyone running any of these, or at least tried one...or all 3? Lol

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