Dolphin Browser Version 10 Has Been Released

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    In the beginning of Android there was always a list of things you needed to download to make your experience all that it could be when booting up your phone for the first time. The stock browser at that time left much to be desired and many folks would make sure to install a third party browser right away. These days we have the Chrome browser which has all of the modern day features that we have come to expect such as tab browsing. Before Chrome was released one of the most popular browsers was the Dolphin browser which has always added plenty of speed and extra features to the browsing experience.

    The Dolphin browser was updated to Version 10 recently. The latest version includes some new features. There is an all new UI design, Web app store which gives you access to popular web apps from your homescreen, the home screen now supports the grouping of 60+ phone numbers into folders, dolphin key adds single swipe access to browser functions, Search directly from a number of popular sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Facebook from the URL bar, Flash support is included, and Themes have been updated. You can update now from the Play Store.

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