[Deal Alert] Best Buy's Verizon OG HTC One M7 for $1 & New HTC One M8 for $50 Off

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    Verizon customers wanting to find a great deal on either the older HTC One M7 or the all new HTC One M8 should look no further than Best Buy. If you want to snag the M7 and save some cash on a device which is still very capable, then Best Buy has you covered. You can get it for a measly buck on a new contract. (Incidentally, this same deal applies for the AT&T and Sprint versions of the M7 as well. It also applies to all colors of the device even though we only included a link to the blue one.)

    If you are more inclined to pick up the newer hotness, then Best Buy is also one of the better deals. You can get the Verizon HTC One M8 for $50 bucks off the normal price. That's just $149.99 on a new contract. Here are some links below to check it out.

    Best Buy - Verizon HTC One M7 Blue

    Best Buy - Verizon HTC One M8
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    My contract is up today and I was going to get the Moto X tonight but this is VERY tempting. I just need to get used to the size of the M7. This is a tough one.
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