Cyanogen Mod 11 For The Ouya Android Gaming Console

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    Cyanogen Mod 11 has been unofficially ported to the OUYA Android Gaming Console. This brings a proper vanilla aosp rom to the OUYA. If you want full access to the playstore on your OUYA this is the way to get it! You will of course also get the customization options that you are familiar with getting when you install the CM11 rom. You will be ditching the OUYA UI as well. In this rom Wifi, Bluetooth, Audio, HDMI, Google Play Store, Ouya Controller, and Ethernet have all been tested and are working. This turns your OUYA into a full blown media center! The developer says that the method for installing CM11 is risky and will be risky until OUYA releases a proper method to force the device into a recovery state. Currently if you are writing to the boot partition and the power goes out, or if you flash a bad kernel your OUYA could become a permanent brick.


    If you don't already have the OUYA now is the perfect time to grab one. The OUYA is on sale today for 69.99 with a $25 credit. This deal is for today only so if you are interested in trying CM11 on the OUYA head to the link below to download the Rom.

    Via XDA
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