Custom Fonts Never Line Up Right. No One's Bothered?

Discussion in 'LithiumMod' started by neccoguy21, May 30, 2010.

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    I've noticed that just about any font i use doesn't line up right (i havent tried EVERY font, i have to work some time...). The alotted space for the stock font to fit in is just to small for any other font to be practical. Sure they look cool for a second, until you realize half the information in whatever pop up message your getting (a Toast notification? where did that name come from anyway...) is missing half the info because the font wont fit. Even the ones that look damn close to stock font (in size and style) don't fit quite right. the bottom couple rows of pixels get cut off or the name of an app on the home screen goes from fitting just fine to being another fade out title, which IMO looks unclean.

    Is nobody else bothered by this? It seems like I'd be hearing alot more issues about font size unless im just that anal...
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