[CushZero v2.1.1] Possible Bootanimation FIX

Discussion in 'cushzero' started by BrUhNiGGs, Jan 22, 2012.

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    So for everyone that is experiencing the everlasting bootanimation when using CushZero v2.1.1 (like I have) I think I have found a fix. I no longer get stuck at the bootanimation and it goes directly to the lockscreen like it should. I'm not sure if this method will work for everyone but it has worked for me so it doesn't hurt to try :biggrin:


    1. Download this bootanimation to your sd card (default Droid Eye animation) : bootanimation.zip
    2. Using a root explorer, grab the bootanimation.zip on your sd card and navigate to system/media and paste it there. (replace the old one)
    3. Download Rom Manager and run the "Fix Permissions" feature
    4. When it's done, Reboot your phone.

    Your phone should reboot properly and get through the bootanimation with success!


    If the method above doesn't work, your better off disabling the bootanimation feature.

    • Navigate to Settings > ZeroSettings > Performance > [√] Check the "Disable Animation"
    This only reboots with the stock Motorola "M" Logo but still gets you to your phone.