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    OK, I have had this problem with my craigslist app for quite some time. It's hard to explain without showing someone but I will do my best... I search within any category and click on a particular post, when I click back to look through that particular category I used to be taken back to the previous screen with that post I just looked at being at the top (a kind way to keep my place within the search. Now, whenever I click back I am taken out of the category all together and have to go back in starting my search all over from the top. This may seem like a small issue, but as someone who uses craigslist quite a lot it is very annoying and inconvenient. I've sent emails to Craig list help but I am only ever sent back a computerized reply telling me to update to version 1.47, which j have already. I have tried downloading the pro version to no avail. Please help me here.