Cool BETA app to check out: [Game]Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse beta

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    All credit goes to theblacknight over at XDA for his development of this...look for me in your area.....

    Just wanted to get people playing this so ill have more peeps in my area to attack lol
    Im in the TN area....

    Orig link: [Game]Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse beta - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [Game]Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse beta
    Outbreak! Zombies is a global location based multiplayer game. The free beta version of the game is currently available in the android market.

    To play you simply download the app and enter a user name. You will then be randomly assigned a state, either infected or not infected. If you are not infected your goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse, if you are infected your goal is to spread the infection. Each user will be visible on a world map, and to infect someone you must be within 500 metres. Currently Dublin, Ireland is in over-run with zombies.

    Each red marker is a zombie, and each green marker is a survivor. The game works best when there are lots of users, which is why I am posting it here. I am also trying to gather as much feedback and test scenarios as I can in order to make the full version a more complete and fun game.

    There is more information on how to play available here.

    There is also a forum here with a lot of discussion about the game.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy,
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