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    Ok here's the scenario...
    I'm using SugarSync to store and access my files. Some of those files are VBscipt (.vbs), and Powershell (.ps1). With the SugarSync client on both my Toshiba tablet running ICS and the Bionic, I click on one of the above files, and the 'Complete Action Using' menu pops up. This allows me to choose one of the editors that I have installed to open the file. Perfect!

    I've tried the same thing with Google Drive, and MS SkyDrive, and it does not display that menu to select a viewer. So using them will not allow me to open the files directly from within the apps. I have to download, launch the editor, and open the file.

    Even the default file manager on my Toshiba tablet experiences the same issue.

    So I'm assumming this is a problem with those apps where it is not coded like the SugarSync client is. Is there something I can do to get this functionality in SkyDrive and Drive? Maybe someone way to manually associate a file extension to an app?

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