Changing a Bluetooth Profile (from "Headset" to "Handsfree")

Discussion in 'Droid X2 Tech Support' started by dosei, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Is it possible to change a bluetooth profile from "Headset" to "Handsfree"? I have a Motorola HX-1 headset. On my treo 650, when I paired it I had the option to select that is was a "Handsfree" bluetooth device instead of a "Headset". Running in handsfree does burn more battery, but it also makes the headset much more useful (IMHO). When I paired the HX-1 on my X2, I had no such option. I've been digging around on it but I cannot figure out how to make my Droid X2 treat the HX-1 as a handsfree device instead of a headset.

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